Gluten free bakery 5b’s in Concrete, WA

HIDDEN GEM ALERT! this place is about ~45 minutes east of Mt. Vernon. Crazy to have such an amazing gluten free bakery tucked away out in the middle of nowhere.

Favorites include:

  • Cinnamon roll or sticky bun
  • Sausage calzone
  • Chicken or beef pot pie
  • Apple caramel hand pie
  • Cinnamon sugar “duffin” (aka weirdly shaped donut hole)
  • Apple fritter
  • Every cookie they make

They also do breakfast and lunch, and everything we’ve ever had there is amazing. 

Pro tip: they’ve started delivering batches of baked goods to a few places around Anacortes/Mount Vernon/etc. 

Even better pro tip: at holiday time, you can put in an order for pies, 4 packs of cinnamon rolls, packs of regular bread rolls, stuffing cubes, or most of their breads, and they’ll deliver to those shops in Mt Vernon for you to pick up there. Win! 🙂


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