Gluten free Pasta Freska in Seattle, WA

Pasta Freska has great reviews in FindMeGF app, but I was skeptical since there’s no menu. But, the experience was as described: chef and waiter both talk to you about any dislikes, allergies, etc so you can be up front and say “Gluten free from celiac, and I won’t eat fish”. Tasty 5 course meal (in our case, 6) ensues. Note though – it took about 2.5 hours from start to finish, so plan accordingly to expect a leisurely dining.

First up: best GF bread we’ve ever had at a restaurant. Crumb pictured because I gobbled it.

Also: salad with goat cheese. Basic but fine.

Second surprise: some kind of egg-based lasagna dish? Like an appetizer or tapa, a few yummy bites.

The entree/third course: gf pasta with a meaty tomato sauce. Flavorful and some of the best gf pasta sauce I’ve had.

Fourth course: I had a small piece of chicke stuffed with goat cheese, pine nuts, spinach in a brown Marsala-like sauce. Scott had a different chicken dish with a creamy tomato sauce. Both good.

And then: I had two pieces of well seasoned tender steak. Nom. Scott got white fish that he thinks was good.

Bonus course: prawns in a tomato based sauce.

Dessert plate: gelato, flan, flourless chocolate chunks with a berry sauce.

Tl;dr New favorite date restaurant. Feels safe to eat at even when gf.


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