I’ve lived with celiac for ~9+ years, but have long been frustrated with gluten free recipes that require 4+ kinds of flour and otherwise a fully stocked kitchen, and expertise in cooking and baking. This is a series of gluten free recipes that are minimal ingredient, minimal effort, and actually easy to make.

Things that drive me crazy about most gluten free recipe sites I find online:

  • Slow to load – too many images and ads
  • Way too much narrative, too much work to find recipe on page
  • Recipes often complex with no note of where you can simplify or substitute easier alternatives

So this blog:

  • Is 100% gluten free
  • Will be very basic and straightforward
  • Will have recipes I’ve actually made and want to write down so I can keep making them
  • Doesn’t require too many ingredients or complicated cooking gear or complex cooking knowledge
  • Or is restaurants I’ve eaten at, not been glutened, and actually enjoyed what I ate because it wasn’t just salad 🙂

I’ve also added my grocery/shopping list and restaurant starter idea list for those who are new to being gluten free/celiac and are worried about finding things straight away that you can eat!

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